The Hyperspectral CubeSat Team

The SDSL Hyperspectral Cubesat Team’s (HCT) goal is to learn through the building of space-worthy systems. This presents unique challenges in the form of system integration, software engineering, and minimum functionality design. The HCT is currently working to build a Hyperspectral CubeSat to collect data for earth science.

HCT is building a prototype to start to understand the basic parts of a CubeSat and how they all fit together. The plan is to scale this prototype up adding functionality along the way. The team’s end goal is to prepare for proposal opportunies in order to fund and support a full-fledged CubeSat mission.

What is Hyperspectral imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is a technology that collects a spectral signature for each pixel in an image. This is very useful for earth science applications, like vegetation health.

This is rendering of SDSL’s Previous CubeSat Phoenix, it is a 3 unit or 3U Cubesat.

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