ASU/Blue Origin 2U Payload Competition

HIVE, or Hive-Based Integration Validation Experiment, focuses on mesh wireless network communication. This 2U payload will contain six radios stacked on each other, which send information through various paths and configurations set by the team. Since all of the information will be overlapping, and the network will have to find the optimal path, the validation of a mesh wireless network for CubeSats in orbit will be achieved. This would add strength to an earlier CubeSat proposal developed by SDSL called ThunderBIRD, which was to be submitted to the CSLI for a launch opportunity. 

HIVE Team Members

  • Mentor – Daniel La Rosa
  • Team Lead – Alex Bertram
  • Mechanical Engineer – Ciara Sypherd
  • Mechanical Lead – Luis Sanchez de la Vega
  • Electrical Lead – Peter Vu
  • Electrical Engineer – Sheldon Meyer

The payload project known as SICADA, Sensory Integrated Computer Assisted Data Acquisition, focuses on integrating a variety of sensors to cover the five major senses of a human. This entry to the Blue Origins Payload competition is a 2U payload capable of recording video, sound,  vibrations, and smell throughout the entire flight. The data gathered will be used for outreach purposes, including integrating the data into a VR experience that will be used as an outreach tool for SDSL and ASU.

SICADA Team Members

  • Mentor – Andre de Simone
  • Team Lead – Yisha Ng 
  • Mechanical Lead – Menna Hussein 
  • Mechanical Engineer – Luis Gerardo Medina