Current SDSL Sponsors and Partners



The pursuit of satellite design and development by engaging in various projects and written proposals over the course of the organization’s history have developed the SDSL into the organization that it is today. Many of the opportunities that SDSL has been able to partake in have largely been made possible through the notable efforts of the following industries and individuals. They have not only supplied funding for our efforts in the past, but have served to further the education of several students in the area of space mission design.


We would like to recognize and sincerely thank the following:


  • Orbital ATK
  • NASA Wallops
  • Blue Origin
  • Viasat
  • Altium
  • Boeing




      Exhibitor: Boeing - Disability:IN


File:Blue Origin new logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons                        ASU/NASA Space Grant

Viasat (American company) - Wikipedia