Coconut CubeSat                   


Following the Phoenix CubeSat’s success, members of the Sun Devil Satellite Lab team have wanted to start a new CubeSat project, named the Coconut CubeSat. The CubeSat project is seen as the best way to get students involved in space engineering projects. It is also an entry point for students to join other, more advanced CubeSat projects on campus. This is a collaboration project between SDSL and the Interplanetary Initiative. With the backing of experienced engineers and a lab space for building the satellite, this is an intricate project where students can work on a real spacecraft.


The Coconut CubeSat is a 1U satellite, a third of the size of the Phoenix CubeSat. Its objective is to relay information from remote sensing devices back to the Arizona State University ground station. This will involve other student organizations and projects on campus as they (with SDSL’s help) can build their own remote sensing devices to gather data for whatever projects they need.






NASA has selected Coconut CubeSat for CSLI and will be launching sometime between 2024 and 2027!


below is the projected orbit for coconut: