History of SDSL


Since the organization’s founding with the inception of SDS-1, the Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory has continued to design and develop satellite-related technology. With the continuous goal of developing space-bound technology, we have multiple projects such as the successful launch of our Phoenix CubeSat into Low-Earth Orbit. Over the years, the organization began to engage in the international AIAA CanSat Competition each year and continues to develop new projects such as the Pulsed-Plasma Thruster (PPT), Attitude and Determination Control System (ADCS), and Phoenix as a means of expanding our concentration on technologies related to the space industry.



Role of the SDSL Executive Council


As a student organization, the efforts of SDSL are operated by a group of multidisciplinary engineers both within the Fulton Schools of Engineering and The School of Earth and Space Exploration. Our Executive Officer’s Board works to ensure that its members are engaged in a well-rounded experience within the organization, taking advantage of their academic education at ASU to the fullest extent. The officers organize, develop, and manage the projects we pursue as an organization. They also work to create aerospace industry connections with SDSL members.  We always look for ways to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our members, whether that be through projects, activities and events, or general meetings.


The Executive Board has elections for officers every year, so if you are interested in getting more involved in SDSL, please let us know!


2023-2024 Executive Council:

PresidentAthul Kodancha

Vice President: Elizabeth Garayzar

Webmaster: Kaden Zadik

Treasurer: Anyell Mata

Treasurer #2: Ricardo Ontiveros

Secretary: Mohsin Zaidi

Outreach Coordinator: Vanessa Van Horn

Industrial Relations: Cindy Phan

Faculty Advisor: Michael Goryll

































































































SDSL Calendar

June 2024

General Meeting/Discovery Dinner Presentations

All of the general body meeting presentations can be found here.

A presentation dump for all Discovery Dinner presentations made during the Spring 2018 semester can be found here.