CanSat 2016 – TOAST

toast sat insignia 1TOAST (Tin-can Orbiting Apparatus Team) was SDSL’s submission to the 2016 AIAA CanSat Competition. This was the first year an egg did not have to be protected in the CanSat. The main design challenge was to make a glider which had to fly to the ground in a circular pattern while taking a photo. This was a large departure from the typical CanSat rules which resulted in a lot of new design work. Our members developed many prototype gliders ranging from traditional gliders to Rogallo-wing based gliders. The final design was a dual-deployable Rogallo-wing glider. SDSL also developed its first custom printed circuit board. This was SDSL’s best showing in CanSat since SparkySat of 2014.

The first SDSL-1 (the mule) purple rocket was retired this year to make way for SDSL-2 in shining white. SDSL-2 is our second CanSat test rocket. SDSL-1 had 8 launches with 6 successes. SDSL-2 has been in service since April 2016 and has had a perfect launch record so far.

Look at the gallery below for pictures of the competition day, CanSat development, and test launches.


TOAST Team Members

  • Jaime Sanchez de la Vega
  • Raymond Barakat
  • Jesus Acosta
  • Anthony McCourt
  • Brad Cooley 



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