SDSL is excited about a few ongoing projects and some possible new ones for this spring semester! This spring we will be performing a test flight for our Cansat that will compete in the 2015 AIAA Cansat Competition in Burkett, TX in June. This includes building and flying our own rocket! This has been part of an ongoing partnership with the rocket group at ASU, Daedalus.

We have the goal in mind to finish the small satellite attitude determination and control test bed by the end of this spring. This is currently the graduate project of former SDSL president Ricky Astrain. We are also moving forward with the design and fabrication of a plasma pulse thruster which will be tested in our own vacuum chamber which was designed and built last year. For all of these projects there is more info in the Current Projects tab.

Also, we are looking to work on a few new projects. One could be the design of a 6U cubesat (10cm x 10cm x 60cm) based on the outcome of another ASU group’s proposal. Another possible project would a SEDS satellite constellation competition or an AIAA team design competition.

A busy schedule is on the horizon for SDSL and we are always looking for new members of all backgrounds! Come by ECG 215 on the ASU Tempe Campus on Mondays from 7pm-8pm for our general meetings or email one of the SDSL officers in the Contact Us tab if you are interested.